Logbook Fuel and Maintenance Tracker

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Logbook is the fast and simple way to track your fuel fill ups, efficiency, and vehicle maintenance. Perfect for anyone who is looking to see exactly when and where their money is going into their vehicles.


* Overview screen showing last fuel fill up, and the next due maintenance for each vehicle
* Track data using any currency, and any units (picks sensible defaults based on regional settings)
* Efficiency data tracked in either distance traveled per unit of volume (e.g. MPG) or amount of fuel used per units of distance traveled (e.g. L/100 km)
* Charts tracking fuel efficiency for each vehicle, as well as fuel prices over time.
* Tracking fuel entries by odometer? Easily recover from missing entries by entering both an odometer reading and a trip reading for your next entry.
* Support for partial fuel fill ups
* Completely customizable maintenance entries, including one time, and recurring
* Overdue scheduled maintenance is highlighted, and a count shown on the application icon on the iPhone home screen.
* Email an Excel compatible CSV file to any email address to backup your data.

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